Mrs.Ritches Class

Hey everybody! Have you checked out Mrs. Ritchie’s Virtual classroom? It has practically everything you need on there. Need to schedule a meeting, no problem. Mrs. Ritchie does it all when it comes to being a counselor. If it comes to schedule planning, or even just having someone to talk to, Mrs.Ritchie is there. You can find links that provide scholarships opportunities, tutoring, and personal issues. Sometimes we don’t want to talk to someone, so this link is perfect if you need someone to text about your problems. One of the most exciting things about this classroom is the relaxation room. Need something to color? It's got relaxing pictures and colorful images that you can peacefully color in the relaxation room. We even have a little yoga class; it is genuinely unique; I recommend checking it out. In need of a job? Click on the job opening link for possible positions. As a senior, the SAT can be very crucial to a college application. No better way to prepare than to look at the link on the virtual classroom.             The virtual classroom is truly a resource that a majority of our students need to take advantage of. If you ever need someone to talk to, I 100 percent recommend checking out Mrs. Ritchie’s virtual classroom. Nobody should have to fight anything alone ever, and I genuinely mean it, check it out.