Mr. Dudley

 I would like to welcome students and parents to the school year at Selma Middle School. I am very happy to be back at my alma mater, SMS. I take great pride in the opportunity to lead the same building that I once sat in the same seats, opened the same lockers, and rode the same bus routes, as a student. This is my first year as the principal at Selma Middle School. Previously, I was the principal at Yorktown Middle School for 16 years, and prior to that, I was the assistant principal and athletic director, for 2 years, at Yorktown Middle School. This is my 25th year in education, and I could not be more excited to lead and work in such a supportive and inviting school community as Liberty-Perry School Corporation.

         Students at Selma Middle School are provided the opportunity to learn and grow in multiple facets during their middle school years. Academically, our teachers do an excellent job of creating engaging and innovative lessons that captivate student interests. We also offer numerous courses that relate to future career paths that students may take. Our athletic teams are very competitive and successful. Students also have various extracurricular opportunities that they can participate in. There is truly something for every student at Selma Middle School.

         Students arrive in our building, as 6th grade students, uncertain about the new challenges of middle school. After 8th grade, we strive to send young adults who are confident academically, emotionally, and socially to Wapahani High School. I have told middle school students for years that many things are “important” that you must learn during middle school, but making sure we are hammering home the habits that create a  “good human being” is the most important role we play. We all play one of these roles in our children’s education, but the role of parents will always be the most crucial role of all. Your child is going to need you!  Selma Middle School is going to need you! Please partner with us in making these three years the most memorable of your child's educational experience. With your support, the staff and I have the utmost confidence that your student will be successful.

          If you ever have a question, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. It's going to be a great school year at SMS!

Mr. Heath Dudley, Principal, Selma Middle School


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