Selma Elementary School is located in the town of Selma, Indiana, four miles east of Muncie in Delaware County. At present, approximately 530 students are expected to enroll in grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 for the upcoming 2016-17 School Year!

I am excited to report the new addition to Selma Elementary School will be completed prior to the first student school day. Included in the new addition are two general education classrooms, a complete set of student restrooms, and a state of the art special needs room including a mutli-sensory room to better meet the diverse needs of our students.

I am also excited to continue Selma Elementary School’s 1:1 iPad initiative currently in place for all 4th and 5thgrade students. Teachers and Staff at Selma Elementary continue to work hard to ensure our school is at the cutting edge of technology!

In regards to our excellent teaching staff I am happy to introduce Mrs. Marie Reynolds and Mrs. Hannah Kauffman. Mrs. Reynolds will teach Second Grade and Mrs. Kauffman will teach First Grade.

Teachers offer a rich and varied curriculum that is both child-centered and responsive to individual needs. By attending professional seminars and enrolling in courses, Selma’s teachers exhibit a desire to stay current and to grow in their professions.

In addition to weekly instruction in technology, music, art, physical education, literacy, and library, students have access to programs for small group and one-on-one counseling, learning differences, special reading, and high ability education.

Cultural and academic partnerships are also available through Ball State University, Minnestrista Cultural Center, the Horizon Center, and the Children’s Museum. Locally, Selma is located close to Prairie Creek Reservoir, the National Academy for Model Aeronautics, and the Cardinal Greenway. Selma’s students benefit from these resources through field trips, speakers, student teachers, and educational consultants.

The community of Selma can be characterized by the pride it takes in its children. At the annual Selma Bluebird Days, students are showcased in a talent show, which is one of the highlights of the festival. Fundraisers for education, such as the annual Ice Cream Social are consistently successful. The Community Christmas Sing as well as many other community events are other well-attended events, giving the community of Selma an additional way to show support for its students.