Liberty Perry Schools is 1:1 with iPads in grades 4-12. Students in grades K-3 have access to classroom iPads and/or MacBook carts.

Our vision for technology is to redefine education, by making new things possible. Through the use of technology, collaboration, differentiation, engagement and ownership of learning is enhanced while creating 21st century citizens with experiences that go beyond their classroom walls.

We have two coaches in each building to support teachers as needs arise while also leading professional development trainings based on building needs identified through activities happening in the building. The coaches meet regularly with the district coach to keep current on new tools, events, and needs of the district.

Our professional development plan currently focuses on Canvas, the tool used to get resources to and from students. We want to ensure that our teachers know the ways that Canvas will enhance their 1:1 environment as they move toward creating their own digital content. Most of our PD happens face-to-face, as that is preferred by our staff. We offer coach-led sessions as well as work-sessions during PD days, prep times, after school, as well as summer. This summer alone, our teachers attended over 300 hours of technology training both in-house and at INeLearn events.