SMS 21st Century Scholars

Recently, qualifying students at SMS received paper forms to apply for Indiana's 21st Century Scholar program. This incredible scholarship fund covers up to 4 years of tuition at any eligible Indiana College or University for qualifying students. As long as you meet certain income requirements, your student applies on time, and keeps up with their grades and eligibility requirements in high school, they will get money to pay for college!

College might seem a long way off, but there are still things you can do to prepare right now. You can enroll your student as a 21st Century Scholar from the time they enter 7th grade to June 30th of their 8th grade year. There are two ways to apply. Either complete the paper form and return it to the SMS counseling office by December 15th for this round of paper applications – or apply online.

Parents or guardians enrolling their child should go to and create a parent account. All applications to the 21st Century Scholars program must be submitted before June 30 of the child’s 8th grade year.

You will need the following to apply:

  •  Student Social Security number, date of birth and address
  •  Parent or guardian Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, if applicable
  • Previous year gross income amounts for all members of the household
  •  A valid email address

After you enroll, students should be sure to create a student ScholarTrack account. Your student’s ScholarTrack account is how they will complete their required Scholar Success Program activities each year in high school and in college.

Contact Ms. Butler at if you have any questions!