Mark your calendar for Dec. 15th because this will be the first "ELearning Day" for Liberty Perry Schools.  This ELearning Day will be used to make up the snow day from a few weeks ago.  Students will use their IPAD to complete their work and submit it  on-line.  The work will be assigned on Thursday(13th) and will have to be completed and submitted by Tuesday morning(18th) for credit.  Where Saturday comes in is that there will be a window from 8-3 where the Wapahani HS library will be open for students to use the internet (if needed) AND for students to message their teachers IF needed.  Students in the elementary and the middle school MUST be accompanied by an adult if they are using the library on this day.  Please note that the assignments "count" and attendance WILL be taken.  Also note that students do not have to do the work on Saturday.  They CAN do the work before or after this day.  However, Saturday will be the only day on the weekend where the library will be open OR students can message teachers with questions about the assignment.